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Top 5 Activities to Enjoy Winter in Israel

01 Darom Adom (Red South)

From the end of January and all during February, if you are looking for something exciting to do or see with your family, friends, or even on your own, we urge you to grab a camera and head down south to see the beautiful blossoms of the Kalaniot (anemones), which happens to be the national flower of Israel. This gorgeous protected flower grows in several colors, but the red ones are the most dominant. During this period of time, you can head over to the Darom Adom festival down South, and take part in the fun activities the festival offers, surrounded by the seas of red flowers.

A pakal kafe set up in a field of kalanit flowers
Credit: Shifra Gottlieb

02 Shaon Horef

During the month of February, just when you think the city would be shut down due to the peek of the winter cold, Jerusalem wakes up as the Shaon Horef festival begins. During the whole month, you can find different activities all across the city, from concerts and talks to art exhibitions and stand-up performances. If you can’t find what to do during the winter, head on over to the Shaon Horef festival in Jerusalem and just take your pick!

03 Winter Bird Migration

Around 100 species of birds make their way to Israel during the winter, to escape the ‘real’ winter they have in Europe. So if you are a bird fan, and honestly, even if you’re not, you should head over to any water source, forest, or anywhere these birds may nest and set your eyes on one of the true wonders of the Israeli winter.

04 Mount Hermon

One of the most famous landmarks of Israel is the Hermon mountain, on the border between Israel, Lebanon, and Syria. The Hermon, the tallest mountain in Israel, is the go-to place during the wintertime, as it is covered in snow for most of the season, and it is the only place in Israel where you can go skiing. Because of its proximity to the borders, the Hermon is covered with many army posts and lookouts. So if it is your first time there, don’t be alarmed if you see a group of soldiers having a snow fight right next to you.

05 Shitfonot (floods)

Although it may not rain too much, because of its topography, Israel is susceptible to rain floods during the winter, especially in the Negev and Judea Desert areas. Trying to watch these floods as they occur is extremely dangerous, and we do not encourage you to do so, but there is a growing community in Israel of people we call “Tzayadei Shitfonot” (Flood Hunters). These people are always in a constant search of the next flood, and they try to take as wild a picture of it as they can.


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