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Top 5 Hanukkah Foods

On Hanukkah, the oil on the Hanukkiah burned for eight nights. It's customary to eat lots of oily foods in honor of this miracle! Here are our five favorites!

Trays of sufganiyot for Hanukkah

01 Sufganiyot

Yes, you've heard it all before, but we couldn't possibly leave sufganiyot out. The sweet round treats line every bakery in Israel even a month before Hanukkah, and we are addicted! Try all the flavors!

02 Brika

If you haven't tried brika (also called brik) find a way! This Tunisian dish is the tastiest. Pastry dough filled with savory yumminess -- usually an egg or potatoes, or even tuna. This oily cuisine is perfect for Hanukkah (though we're tempted to eat it year-round.)

Brika- brik
Credit: Becca F

03 Levivot (Latkes)

A classic in Israel! Leviviot or latkes are potato pancakes. Potatoes are shredded and balled together, and then deep-fried in oil to make pancakes. Typically served with sour cream and applesauce -- mmm. The best.

04 Sfenj (Moroccan doughnuts)

This Moroccan fritter is like a doughnut and is one of our favorite Hanukkah treats. The dough itself isn't sweet, but you can stuff them with chocolate or sprinkle with sugar and walla -- perfect treat!

Here's a cool "sfenj" recipe for you to try!

05 Hanukkah Gelt

The custom of giving Hanukkah "gelt" or coins is very old and was traditional instead of presents in the past. Now, chocolate gelt is common. The foil-wrapped coins of chocolate are perfect morsels of sweetness.


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