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Top 5 Israeli New Year's Resolutions

Ok, New Year's Eve may not be the biggest deal in Israel, BUT, nothing like a chance to refresh our list of New Years Resolutions, right? Here are ours, tailored to life in Israel!

Hands holding up sparklers with the numbers '2021' for New Year's

01 Work on your Hebrew!

We know, it's always on our to-do list in Israel. But there's no time like now to improve your Hebrew! iKonnect has tons of games to practice Hebrew, and many Ulpanim offers online courses now as well! #Yalla, let's get started. One word a day can make a huge difference in a year!

02 Join a class for something you're interested in!

It may be pandemic, but life is still happening (safely!) If you have something you're interested in, DO IT! Ceramics classes, music classes, even cake-baking classes are abundant (depending on which city you're in.) Looking to get active? There are outdoor fitness classes, online yoga classes. It's a great way to start the new year, treating yourself to something you enjoy.

03 Visit a place in Israel you have never been to before!

For a tiny country, Israel sure has a lot of places to visit. Every Wednesday, we add a new view to see in Israel via our #Pakal_Kafe blogs, so be sure to check it out! Even in winter, you can find places to camp, hike, and explore from north to south in Israel!

04 Try Israeli food that you've never had before!

Israeli is home to dozens of different cultures, and with that comes food. Have you tried Ethiopian injera? Yemenite #jachnun? Iraqi #kubeh? There are endless foods to try here, and nothing is more fun than getting a new experience, especially since we can't travel to other countries right now. You can even do food tours through the #Shuk if you're looking to try multiple tasty cuisines in one go!

05 Swap sufganiyot for salad!

Only because the stores will stop selling them once #Hanukkah is over! But Israel is the capital of delicious salatim -- with a bright array of vegetables, herbs, and flavors you never experienced, this isn't actually that hard!

Nu, what are your New Year's Resolutions?!


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