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Top 5 Israeli TV Shows

Israel is known for many things, and good TV is definitely one of them! Not only are Israeli TV shows being streamed all over the world these days, but they have been bought by some of the top entertainment platforms- Netflix and Amazon Prime and Hulu, to name just a few!

Let's get into some of the top Israeli TV shows for all of your future binge watching needs!

01 Shtisel

We can't begin a list of the best Israeli TV without Shtisel at the top of it! This show has won so many awards we can't even keep count, and is on its 3rd season already, loved around the world (and on Netflix!).

Shtisel is an Israeli drama about a Haredi family, the Shtisels, in Jerusalem. The show brings a unique and captivating look into the lives of Haredi families, something that is rarely shown in such an authentic way. The show has created such a large fanbase, with Facebook groups galore just talking about the show and how amazing it is! So buckle yourselves in for a good few hours at a time, because you won't be able to stop at just one episode (trust us, a whole day may pass in Shtisel-land!) Learn about a new culture, root for your favorite characters in the dramatic ups and downs of life, and maybe pick up a little Yiddish while you're at it!

02 Red Band

The Red Band group is pretty well known by now throughout Israel now, but when they first started, they had a completely whacky TV show of puppets! The show is a group of (rated R) puppets that create the most hilarious comedy acts- with songs too! The purple puppet was a hilarious drunkard with such crazy behaviors and antics beyond belief- it was like nothing Israelis had ever seen before on television. Unless you have a problem with some, ehemm, explicit material, we urge you to go watch it now!

03 Srugim

Another classic Israeli favorite among people of all ages. Srugim follows the lives of 6 Orthodox young adults, as they navigate life, dating, and love in the quaint community of Katamon, Jerusalem. The show was the first raw and honest portrayal of the trials and tribulations of dating in the religious community. Not only is it extremely entertaining, with relatable and engaging characters, but the message is powerful and personable. We highly recommend Srugim, trust us when we say it won't disappoint!

04 Fauda

We can't forget to add Fauda to the list of top Israeli shows. Not only is Fauda hitting Israel by storm, but the whole world has drank the Fauda koolaid!

Fauda, meaning "chaos" in Arabic, tells the story of an IDF veteran who gets roped back into army life, as an old target who was once thought to be dead has seemingly reemerged. The show follows Doron and his team in their manhunt for a dangerous and threatening terrorist. Get ready for twists and turns, a lot of suspense, and maybe a bit of some great action!

You can find Fauda on Netflix! Enjoy!

05 Chazarot

If you are looking for a good romantic comedy, look no further! Made in 2020, this incredibly entertaining and dramatic TV series dives into the complicated (and sometimes comical) love-story between two playwriters, who are now co-directing the play they wrote about their own love. The only issue is, they have since broken up!

Not only do we get some juicy drama from the leading couple, but we step into the lives of the 2 actors portraying them in their show!

Trust us, this show is a real treat!

With this much good TV out there, good luck getting off the couch!

Sit back, relax, order in some delicious takeout, and enjoy the fruits of Israeli entertainment!


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