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Top Places to Order Online in Israel

This last year has been a wild ride, and most of us have learned to adapt to a new lifestyle. Whether it be spending more time at home, washing our hands ALL THE TIME, or finding new and creative ways to have fun and enjoy life, most of us know these changes all too well.

While many of these changes were challenging for the best of us, some positive advancements were made worldwide, the number one being accessible and easy shopping!

Today, the global world of online shopping has skyrocketed, and within Israel, things are no different. Israeli stores and and Israeli brands have begun to make the switch to more accessible and expansive online shopping, enhancing the lives of Israelis in a significant way!

And who doesn't love a little online retail therapy?!

If that someone is you, be sure to scroll down to discover some of Israel's top online, Israeli based stores and services!

At least we know our money is going towards the Zionist dream!

A man holding a credit card while making an order online

01 Yad2

Israel's online second-hand marketplace! This site is for everything and anything. Looking for a new home to rent or buy? A used bike or car? Maybe a couch or a refrigerator? Yad2 has you covered! Not only does this online "shuk" cover all your home good needs, but offers vacation deals, a forum for job hunting, and even an online platform for selling and rescuing animals as pets. Plus, because it is second-hand, the prices can't be beat. Enjoy this online thrift store!

02 Daka90

Looking for a last minute holiday for the weekend? Daka90 has got you covered. This online travel site has the best deals for traveling both abroad and within Israel. Not only does Daka90 offer last minute flight tickets (we're talking even a few hours before!) but offers packages with hotels and travel attractions as well, all wrapped up in a wonderful and spontaneous vacation. Within Israel, get the best deals on villas up north, or your dream Eilat vacation, with activities and fun included!

03 Golf Group

If you have lived in Israel for some time, then you must know Golf well by now. Golf Group is a collection of 8 brands under one larger company, and sits as one of the leading brands in Israeli fashion and home design. With over 300 stores all over the country, Golf includes brands perfect for furnishing and decorating your new home, and the best fashion for men, women and children alike! Stores like Topshop, Polgat, and Intima are all part of Golf. Their online services are quick, affordable, and easy to use. And there are usually some pretty great things on sale!

04 Quik Order

Remember the days when we needed to leave the house to get good food? Well, those days are over. Not only can you order in take-out, but order your full supermarket shopping lists straight to your door! Quik Order is a great way to order groceries in Israel, as the only fully online grocery store in Israel. The website is in Hebrew, and fairly easy to navigate. Orders come quickly (the name doesn't lie) and the products are fresh and delicious! Doesn't get much easier than that.

05 My Supermarket

If ordering online wasn't easy enough, you now have a website that compares the prices of all the top 5 supermarkets in the country, right from your home! Hop on, and see which supermarket has the best deals this week. The site also recommends possible cheaper options of products when possible. You can order through the website to pick up at the store, or be delivered straight to your door! Food shopping doesn't get any easier.

06 Milk-Man

Here is one of the cutest and most authentic online apps! Milk-Man allows you to order in fresh breads, juices, and milk from the local bakeries in your area, right to your doorstep. This app brings in the classic and nostalgic feel of milk deliveries.

07 Amazon Israel

While unfortunately, much of the treasure that lives in Amazon cannot be shipped to Israel currently, there are some special products that are manufactured and delivered throughout the country. Don't discount the magical Amazon too quickly! Head on over to see if what you are looking for may just be there. Happy shopping!

08 Zap

After some time in Israel, you will begin to learn the value of a good haggle. Israelis are amazing at finding the best prices, and are never ready to pay more than they need! That is why Zap is one of our favorite websites here in Israel. Zap compares the prices of products all over Israel! In almost every area of things you may need- home goods, electronics, beauty and health, toys and fashion- Zap gives you the different prices all over the country from Israeli manufacturers and brands. Be a true Israeli and never pay more than you have to!


Think this was fun? Stay tuned for iKonnect's online storefront, bringing you the best of Israeli creations right to your door!

Stay tuned!

*If you are yourself or know an Israeli manufacturer looking to sell your products or services on our platform, please be in touch through our contact us page!


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