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Top 5 Sufganiyot

#Sufganiyot are the best Hanukkah food, hands down. Fried, sweet, and sugar-coated - we're obsessed, and yes we eat them every day during Hanukkah. Here are our favorites in Israel!

Decorated sufganiyot with various toppings and fillings

01 Roladin

Depends who you ask, but some will say Roladin is the king of sufganiyot. I don't disagree. The first time I saw their colorful, candy-covered donuts with a *syringe* yes a syringe full of gooey filling that you squeeze into your own donut - well, I was sold. I love their pistachio sufganiyot but the classic is perfect on its own.

02 Shemo

Along with classic pastries and cakes, Shemo has some delicious sufganiyot. They have branches all over the country, so no matter where you live in Israel, you can try them! Their donuts are a classic style and baked, so less oily for anyone who is health-conscious.

03 Lehamim Bakery

Lehamim Bakery is known for its incredible fresh-baked bread, but the sufganiyot are equally as amazing. The classic flavor of strawberry filled is perfect as is, but there is also chocolate-filled, caramel-filled, and they are dusted with powdered sugar to perfection. Are you getting hungry yet?

04 Piece of Cake

So many flavors to choose from. Chocolatey delights to dulce de leche, classic jam-filled, and even vegan donuts! There is something for everyone here. You will probably want to order a whole case of eight donuts, just to be safe.

05 Boutique Central

Vanilla cream, chocolate, dulce de leche, and traditional jelly -- few flavors, but each one is oh so delicious. You might have to sample one of each to be sure.

If you're having trouble deciding, why not try them all? Happy Hanukkah from iKonnect!


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