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Top 5 Things You Didn't Know About David Ben Gurion

David Ben Gurion was Israel's first Prime Minister, and one of the most important Israeli leaders of all time. He has done plenty of famous things for the good of the state of Israel, but there are many things about him that most people don’t know.

01 Headstands

David Ben Gurion was known for doing headstands every morning. It is quite a peculiar routine, and most people don/t really know the reason behind it. Well, that’s what we’re here for. Apparently, Ben Gurion’s Dr. believed his head was proportionally bigger than the rest of his body, so he advised him to start doing headstands.

A young man performing a headstand on the sand next to a sculpture of Ben Gurion on his head
Credit to User Simon Cohen

02 Personal Letters

Ben Gurion used to have correspondence with random people that would write him letters. It may not sound like too crazy a thing, but sometimes he would keep in written touch with people he never met for years and years.

03 Sleeping Pills

Ben Gurion couldn't sleep at night, so he took sleeping pills. As soon as a study came out linking the use of sleeping pills to memory loss he stopped taking the pills and slept only 2 hours each night.

04 Kutch-Much

Ben Gurion ate a weird cheesy dish called Kutch-Much every morning. He hated the dish but ate it because his wife Paula would make it for him. He continued to eat it also after her death every morning.

05 Comics

There is a character in the Green Lantern comics called Guardians of the Universe, this character is based on David Ben Gurion’s figure.


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