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Trees - עֵצִים

Did you know Israel is one of the few places where the number of trees increases exponentially each year, rather than decreases?

Trees are very important in Israel! Tu B'shvat is the holiday of trees -- so our tip this week is to plant a tree!

trees in Israel

When Israel was created, only 2% of the land was covered in trees. Now, it's nearly 9% covered in trees! That is a huge difference! How does something like this happen? The Jewish National Fund played a major part in this -- through donations, they are able to plant thousands of trees, and make a major difference in Israel.

Trees provide shade, fruit, and protection! All very important things in the Middle East. You can walk down the sidewalks in most Israeli cities and be protected from the sun, or you can drive to the north and see the dense forests. It is clear that trees have made Israel even more beautiful, and so planting one on this holiday is really an honor, and an opportunity to make the place we love even better!



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