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Tubi 60

Most of us have been searching our whole adult lives for the perfect *alcoholic* drink that leaves us feeling light, refreshed, and refined, while still holding on to the sparkle and fun of being young and free.

We may be mature adults now, but does that mean we forfeit all rights to dance all night with a drink in hand?

Never. What we need is a classy drink that can keep up with us.

Bottles of Tubi 60
Credit: Tubi 60

Behold, the magical Tubi 60, an alcoholic bottle of “pure happiness”, found stocked and ready for service in any self-respecting Israeli home!

Tubi 60 is known for its splash of citrus-y perfection, mixed with the highest quality of all-natural spices. Think mint, turmeric, cumin, and ginger. How can you say no to such a classy drink? How did it all begin?

Tubi 60 was founded and created by Hilal and Yanai, 2 Israeli brothers with a vision…

"Well, our story begins in mid-2012. Back then, we were two brothers exploring and trying out different formulas at home. We had a clear vision of what we were aiming for and knew full well why we were doing it. So much of the alcohol available at the time was made with the goal of generating profit rather than quality. That, along with our healthy DIY approach, made us realize that if we wanted a hi-end, state-of-the-art drink, we need to make it ourselves. And so we did."
Hilal and Yanai sitting on the beach clinking shotglasses of Tubi 60

Moment of eureka?

As two, young and energetic entrepreneurs, they soon realized that their dreams may have come true. Tubi 60 was a hit!

"Our first ‘eureka’ moment came once we started giving Tubi to our friends to try. The responses were overwhelming, ranging from ‘wow!! That was the best drinking night I ever had! I need more next week!’ to ‘What the hell happened last night?’... and that is exactly what every alcohol provider wants to hear."

They quickly realized that Tubi was bringing happiness and joy to others

and that Tubi 60 could very well be their contribution to the world. From then on, their mission was to bring the gift of Tubi to as many people as possible.

Their other ‘eureka’ moment came later down the road, as they began to understand Tubi’s role in the story of Israel. Tubi 60 is, in fact, “Israel’s Drink”, and they had the opportunity and great responsibility of presenting it to the world!

A large group of friends drinking shots of Tubi 60
Tubi 60

How has Tubi 60 been entering the USA and other international markets?

While every country has its own market structure, regulations, and challenges, the people themselves have much more in common than one would think. Most people – anywhere in the world – like to have fun, to party and enjoy life.

So it is safe to say that most people like Tubi 60 a lot.

Once word about Tubi 60 began spreading like wildfire, it began to expand globally too. Thanks to the many people who were awaiting Tubi 60‘s arrival to the US, Tubi 60 quickly found its way onto many shop's shelves and is continuously expanding. You can now get Tubi 60 in New York, California, Florida, Texas, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Michigan, Illinois, and Pennsylvania.

Fun fact about Tubi 60

While Tubi may be a top-notch international brand, if you dial the customer service number, well, you will wind up on the phone with Hilal himself! Yes, he put his own personal number on every Tubi bottle. Talk about personal service!

"Once in a while, I’d get the funniest calls that sound a lot like this…" Customer: "Hey guys, nice work, really! It's great. But we are here, the three of us already had half a bottle, and; we don't feel anything".

Hilal: "Nothing?".

Customer: "Nope, we don’t feel the Satla (the Tubi kick)". And 45 minutes later they'd call again, bursting with laughter, euphorically happy. Customer: "Is this TUBI Man??!… it's the guys who you spoke to before, well, we are SUPER happy now!!

It makes my day and fills me with energies every time !!

Tubi 60
Tubi 60 slogan

Trust us, if you are looking for a good time, have graduated from cheap vodka, and want to support the vision and dream of two Israeli brothers... Tubi 60 is your answer!

2 תגובות

24 במרץ 2021

can you buy TUBI in NY?


Kayla Rosen
Kayla Rosen
24 במרץ 2021

Some of my best nights in Israel were with Tubi😉

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