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Tuna in a Can? Yum!

Have you tried Israel's tuna in a can' life hack yet?

Line of tuna cans stuffed with tissue on fire to smoke by Israeli soldiers
Line of tuna cans being smoked by Israeli soldiers. Photo: Avinoam Tek
One of the most classic Israeli life hacks is vamping up your canned tuna game!

Israelis find themselves out in nature quite often- whether in the army, on a hike, camping, or at a maayan (spring). We don't always have access to a stove, an oven, or gourmet food. So we make it for ourselves with the resources that we have!

How to cook canned tuna out in nature

1. Take a can of tuna (one that is in oil, not water), open the can, and leave the oil inside.

2. Take a few sheets of toilet paper, crumple them up, and stick them inside the can so they can start soaking up the oil.

3. Light a match, and let the toilet paper catch fire, spreading to the tuna underneath, until it is fully burnt.

4. Voila! You have yourself some warm, toasty, and deliciously cooked tuna fish!

Toilet paper is apparently multi-purpose!

So next time you head out on a fun day in nature, with no time to prepare, throw in some tuna and toilet paper, and you have got yourself a meal!


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