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About the Tura Winery

A Family-Run “Estate Winery”

As they say, it takes a village; and a village is truly what it took for Tura Winery to open its doors in the town of Rechelim, during the summer heat of 2003.

Vered and Erez Sa'adon founded Tura Winery officially as a family-run-estate winery with only 4 barrels, but strong passion and determination. Years before, the couple bought their first land just after they married, and with the help of friends and family, began their own vineyard, selling to local Israeli wineries. But in 2003, their vines finally became their own wine, and they began fermenting, aging, and bottling wine from their very own special vineyards, and became a family run estate winery in the hills of the Shomron region of Israel.

Tura winery - A winery from the ancient Samaria Mountains in Israel
Tura winery

Vered and Erez Ben Sa’adon are passionately connected to Israel and to the land. They are visionaries who give attention to even the smallest of details, creating the finest wines. Half a year after they married, Vered and Erez, took all of their savings and bought 5 acres of vineyard in the village of Bracha. At first their grapes were sold to many other Israeli wineries, but eventually, things became complicated politically, and those very wineries encountered difficulties from European countries and other surrounding customers.

And yet, this setback ultimately brought Erez and Vered to the next chapter of their dream: making the wine themselves!

Tura wine - Heartland, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Gewurztraminer and Rose from the Mountain Vista series
Tura wine

The couple decided to take a course in winemaking to make their vineyards into Tura Winery. Their decision proved to be exactly right, and Tura winery has become a great success story! In blind taste tests, Tura wines have gained praise and received many awards, and the winery has become a pilgrimage site for wine lovers from both Israel and around the world!

Tura Winery produces boutique wines, with a taste of family, commitment, passion, and warmth! Their wine has not only received world-renowned recognition, but reminds us of the power of hard-work and love!


Looking to explore Tura Winery just a bit more? Sign up for our wine club, and enjoy the tastes of boutique Israeli wine- and you don't even have to leave the comfort of your own home!


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