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Unique Israeli Wedding Under the Corona Threat

As we all know, the Corona Virus has tremendously affected the wedding industry in Israel, and not in a good way. Almost all the weddings that were supposed to occur have been postponed, and the 'soon to be' couples have had to either delay their festivities or adjust to this new challenging situation.

A unique wedding during Corona on a hill in the desert
Credit: RivkaT

Well, one couple decided to adjust. Big time. While taking a peaceful hike in the desert to take their minds off the Corona Pandemic, they came across this unique site. In the middle of the desert, surrounded by sand and more sand, this couple decided that their love for one another was bigger than any virus or pandemic.

So a temporary Hupa was put up, plastic chairs were gathered for the very few guests that attended (all according to the Health Ministry's instructions of course!) and the couple was able to declare their love for each other, despite all the craziness that has taken over our lives.

A unique wedding during Corona in the background of a sign reading 'מרפסת ים המלך'
Credit: RivkaT

This story shows how resilient and innovative the people in Israel are, and no matter what challenge comes our way, we will always find a way to overcome and come out stronger than before.


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