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Valentine's Day in Israel

Valentine's Day isn't a widely observed holiday in Israel, but there are still ways to show your loved one you care here! Besides, we love any excuse to celebrate! Keep reading to hear how Israelis celebrate Valentine's Day.

Lots of little pink hearts

On the Hebrew calendar, Israelis have their own day of love - Tu B'Av. Valentines Day is actually not as popular, but due to Anglo influence, you can find more and more people showing their loved ones they care on the 14th of February.

According to a survey given to Israelis, on Tu B'Av, around 35% of them reported doing something for the holiday or giving gifts/flowers. On Valentine's Day, an average of 20% of Israelis reported doing something romantic, and 10% didn't even know what the holiday was about!

But who can argue with two days on the calendar to show loved ones you care? Yes, we know you should do this every day, but there is something special about celebrating the day together. And there are so many great date ideas!

You can see small shops selling flowers, chocolates, and heart-shaped balloons and cards before Valentine's Day in various cities in Israel. We do miss the vast selection of Valentine's Day chocolate that the U.S. provides, but you can still make do in Israel! Our favorite Valentine's Day activities including dining (or take out) on delicious Israeli food, sampling wine in the various wineries, and exploring the beautiful landscape!


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