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Vegan Soldier in the IDF - Not an Oxymoron

The Israeli army is contributing to the growing Israeli vegan community by offering vegan meals and issuing leather-free boots and wool-free berets to soldiers who register as vegan.

Today, the Israeli army has about 10,000 vegans in service (wow!) and has made many changes over the last few years in accommodating such a growing population. Vegan meals are of top priority, and today, every army chef receives training in cooking vegan food. Instead of canned tuna and eggs, vegans get canned beans, some tahini, and other soy products!

What's even more impressive is the army's role in making sure every soldier is healthy and ready to serve! They provide dietary supplements such as iron and B-12 to vegan soldiers who need, to make sure they are strong and alert.

Check out this awesome video about the most vegan army in the world- and yes, we are talking about Israel!

Israel is one of the most progressive nations in the world, growing to accommodate different beliefs, cultures, life values, and traditions. We are lucky to live in a country that puts its citizens above everything else!

Fun Fact: Much of the Israeli cuisine is actually already vegan- Hummus, tahini, and couscous are staples in Israeli homes and diets. Think about it, the leap to become a vegan isn't a big one when most of the street food is vegan. Hello, falafel!


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