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Want All of Life's Questions Answered?

Excuse the Question | סְלִיחָה עַל הַשְּׁאֵלָה

Time: 20-30 minutes / Seasons: 3

Are you ready for some revolutionary Israeli TV that gets raw and real really fast?

Get ready for an initiative that dives into the areas of life we are all a bit curious about, but maybe slightly nervous about entering on our own.

A camera filming a woman in a small library

“Excuse the Question” or סְלִיחָה עַל הַשְּׁאֵלָה in English, is one of Israel’s most widely viewed and popular shows, bringing taboo topics to life in a real and intimate way. Each episode revolves around a topic, one that most of us are extremely intrigued by, but usually have no real way of learning about more.

The show, סְלִיחָה עַל הַשְּׁאֵלָה encourages viewers to send in questions about certain taboo topics, and interviews people who have personal experience in that area. Things get intimate and emotional pretty fast. Topics range from interviewing ex-prisoners, or cult members, to speaking with people who struggle with eating disorders or autism.

An interview with identical twins

The idea is to give the public a chance to ask all of their questions in an open and sensitive way while respecting everyone involved, and giving the interviewees a chance to speak honestly and shame-free.

The show masterfully and gracefully helps the public to open their minds and hearts to the ups and downs of the human experience. When sensitive topics are brought to the forefront of conversation, more awareness is created, and more understanding can be held for those living through these experiences.

From interviewing identical twins about their experiences with their other half to speaking with people suffering from a terminal illness, סְלִיחָה עַל הַשְּׁאֵלָה succeeds in bringing all of the elephants in the room to the forefront. The show also has created special episodes specifically created to interview children, teenagers, those of different races or nationalities (specifically the Arab population of Israel).

An interview about mental illness

Trust us, you won’t be able to stop, as each topic is almost more interesting than the next!

*Each episode can be found on כאן 11 HERE! And check out YouTube for episodes with English subtitles!

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