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Israel Real Estate - From dream to reality.

There is a common saying in Israel that the right time is to buy Israel real estate is five years ago.

This is said as a joke of course, most say this out of frustration. But the fact is that investing in Israel real estate and in Jerusalem real estate in particular has been proven time and time again to be an extremely profitable and rewarding investment.

 Jerusalem real estate

This is of course if you have the equity to invest and purchase a property in Jerusalem.

The average price per square meter in Jerusalem (Oct' 22) is no less than NIS 31,700 which is close to 9,000 USD.

Israel Real Estate prices in are high, but even at these prices the market is performing at an annual return of 2.2% on average and an annual increase in property value of 16.4% according to the Central Bureau of Statistics in Israel. (Feb' 22)

And why are house prices in Israel so high?

Like any free market, it's all about supply and demand.

Jerusalem, which for thousands of years the Jews of the world prayed to and mourned over, is now offered for sale.

My piece of Jerusalem, not just a dream. but a reality.

Israel real estate websites offer a very wide variety of Jerusalem houses, from luxury apartments in Jerusalem to lots for self-construction.

It is also important to know that -

  • You can buy property in Israel even if you are a foreign resident.

  • You can get financing for real estate transactions from financial institutions in Israel.

  • You can purchase a property in Israel from thousands of miles away.

You too can take part.


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