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Luxury Real Estate in Israel for Sale

Israel’s real estate market is known for its variety. What you think of as ‘luxury’ can vary from a brand-new penthouse at the top of a skyscraper, to a renovated historical home in the heart of an ancient city. With the all-Israeli mixture of innovation and heritage, the real estate for sale here is like nowhere else – especially in the luxury market.

What does luxury real estate look like in Israel?

American buyers often have a fixed idea of what luxury property looks like. Luxury real estate in Israel can resemble what you might see in the United States – big houses with pools, palm trees and back yards. These can mostly be found in towns outside of Tel Aviv, like Caesarea or Herzliya.

However, the housing culture in Israel is overall different to that in America. Alongside these grandiose villas, you can be just as well-served and pampered in a luxury apartment complex – it’s all about finding a beautiful building with all the services you need, in a neighborhood you’ll fit into. For those who need outdoor space, many apartment buildings have options – from a balcony large enough to fit a sukkah, to a shared garden – sometimes even a private roof. And, if you play your cards right, your location will have parks, beaches and open spaces to fulfill your need for nature.

Where can I find luxury real estate options?

Peripheral cities

As mentioned above, you’re most likely to find mansions with pools and backyards in peripheral cities. These areas have the most space, and usually, a better space to price ratio. Don’t be thrown off by their locations – even towns that seem remote are well-stocked with all the supermarkets, beauticians, gyms or cafés that you’ll need, and are usually well-connected to big cities by car or train.

For investing buyers, remember that it’s not all about the big cities anymore: Israel’s ambitious plans to build public transport, combined with rising urban rent prices, is pushing more and more people to the periphery.

In Jerusalem

In Jerusalem German Colony, Arab-style houses built in parchment stone are the symbol of the luxury market. Whether renovated or imitation, these combine the traditional features – arched windows and tiled roofs, for example – with modern lines and clean, new materials. Also look out for the apartment building itself. Services such as elevators (shabbat or traditional) go a long way to make your life easier.

In some neighborhoods, you can find multi-storey houses. These are less common, but they offer unparalleled space in the middle of a vibrant and lively city.

Tel Aviv-Yafo

Being Israel’s ultimate urban center, luxury properties in Tel Aviv follow the old adage of ‘location, location, location’. Luxury, light-filled apartments full of sea and city views are most coveted in fashionable, trendy neighborhoods close to the city’s most famous sites.

Often built with floor-to-ceiling windows to draw attention to stunning views, newly built skyscrapers offer a modern approach to luxury housing, sometimes with added benefits available to residents of the complex, including pools, gyms, and parking.

If you’re looking for luxury housing for sale with a more classic look, houses in the historic neighborhoods of Neve Tzedek, Nahalat Binyamin and the American-German colony offer excellently preserved or restored villas that look straight out of a Mediterranean magazine spread. Otherwise, in the more traditional Jaffa, authentic housing with vaulted ceilings and arched doorways offer luxury real estate with character.

How do I buy real estate abroad?

Viewing is always recommended. If you are buying from the U.S, collaborate with an experienced estate agent who knows not only the local market, but also the priorities of American buyers. If it is possible, arrange a visit to view a few properties at once and get a strong feel for the houses you’ll be buying and the neighborhoods you’re interested in.

The bottom line

Nearly any corner of Israel will have luxury real estate for sale. With such a wide variety of choices available, the buyer only needs two things: first, an excellent, thought-out and thorough understanding of what exactly they want; and second, a good estate agent who can help them navigate the property market with as little hassle and as much payoff as possible.


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