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Property German Colony Jerusalem

Our brand-new housing project in the German Colony of Jerusalem is the perfect opportunity for any buyer. Built with modern life in mind, but preserving the characteristic Jerusalem look, our assortment of two and three bed properties is now for sale.

The location

The German Colony is a historic neighborhood, which has remained a coveted location for its quiet, safe streets and beautiful houses.

Our complex is located on a suburban street just off Emek Refaim, the local high street. From independent bookshops to coffee shops with specialized house blends, there’s little you won’t find on Emek Refaim.

For families, there is an abundance of green space a short walk away from the property. The museum of natural history is also closely located, and is a sure way to fascinate and engage eager young minds. Above all else, the neighborhood is bursting with schools – both elementary schools and high schools, all of different denominations and teaching philosophies.

A large number of synagogues are found within walking distance from the property. Whether you’re religious or not, you will certainly find yourself near a like minded community – a great proportion of residents of the German Colony are new immigrants, very often hailing from the United States, England, and France.

The property


The currently available apartments consist of two or three bedrooms. Properties of this size are popular investments as they are always relevant to young buyers preparing to start families, while also fitting older residents who are downsizing, but wish to have a guest bedroom or office space regardless.

Whatever your needs are, the 58-84 square meter sizing scale will definitely have a ‘Goldilocks appeal’ – not too big and not too little, but just right.

Separate entrances

There’s nothing wrong with a communal feeling in a housing complex. But truth be told, sometimes sharing a hallway with so many other residents involves a lot of effort – coordination on cleaning, payments for broken or faulty elements, and putting up with neighbors’ noise as they come in at night. For added privacy, the German Colony project offers separate entrances for different apartments.

Outdoor space

Outdoor space is hardly optional. Science and psychology have consistently found a positive link between time spent outdoors and mental health – and if you’ve ever spent a miserable day indoors only to be cheered up by a lie-down in the sun, you’ll know first hand how true that is.

Outdoor space is often a rarity in Israeli apartments, which are mostly built with the practical goal of housing as many people as possible without taking up precious land space. If you are lucky enough to find an apartment with a garden or a roof, you might be expected to share it with the rest of the building.

In this property complex, every apartment comes with an outdoor space – either a private garden or a balcony. This liberates you to be as discerning as you like when it comes to choosing the right home for you, without having to compromise on outdoor space.

Alongside the pleasure of having an outdoor space, this feature offers added benefits – the balconies have been designed to be spacious enough for a sukkah for those who observe the holiday; and many Israeli families will be able to tell you that clothes dried under the Israeli sun have a fresh smell that you just can’t get with a dryer. Not to mention, it’s a safe place to let children play outdoors.

Shabbat Lifts and Elevators

Shabbat-keepers are often limited in the properties they can buy, because if they are too high up in a building they are effectively prevented from leaving their homes on Shabbat. This is difficult in Israel, where only a minority of properties are on the ground or first floor.

For this reason, shabbat elevators have been installed for your convenience. These stop at each floor automatically, and do not require that you use electricity on Shabbat to come to or to leave your home.

For other days of the week, a regular elevator will help you transport groceries, strollers, and so on.


Those looking to buy in the German Colony need look no further. For an updated approach to the classic Jerusalem lifestyle, contact us to consult on your options.


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