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Mosaic - Ein HaYam, Hadera.

An exclusive beach front complex in the northern part of Ein HaYam, of the prestigious Givat Olga neighborhood in the city of Hadera.

On a spectacular beach strip next to Gedor Sea Reserve, you will find the peace, community and the dream home that your family deserves.

A rare project with a total of 20 units for sale on the coastal strip of Israel.

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The complex will include luxurious three or four-story cottages (your choice).


With an elevator, spectacular design and rich accessories from the leading brands in Israel. 


The highlight being a private pool in the yard or on the roof with a custom-made mosaic pattern.


The cottages are carefully designed and built to an uncompromising standard while tailored to you and your family's unique needs and desires.


Real Estate in Hadera

The beach-side city of Hadera is an underrated property gem. Located on the ever-coveted coastline, but far more affordable than its counterparts in Caesarea or Herzliya, this city is perfect for families looking for community, health, and a seriously Israeli lifestyle.


The location

Hadera may not be a well-known city to foreign buyers, but to Israelis, it is known for its stretch of well-preserved coast. The beach has the best of both worlds – being less frequently visited than those in Tel Aviv, it is also far less polluted and remains peaceful and quiet even on sunny days. On the other hand, it still offers lifeguard services and changing stalls, making it safe and practical to visit. The nearest beach, Olga, also has a surf club which offers lessons – perfect for keeping you and your family in prime physical condition.

The housing complex’s location next to the beach is truly its best feature. While many cities are built on the coastline, having a house so close that you can actually walk there every day is far more rare, particularly if you’re after a spacious, luxury house.

The city itself is suited to family life, boasting a number of schools and museums – two schools are just a few streets away from the housing complex. In the unlikely event that you get tired of the beach, there are other parks and nature reserves to visit. Supermarkets, medical centers, beauticians and restaurants are also conveniently located within the city, as well as a number of malls.

Hadera also has a railway station, which enables those without a car to transfer to lines that go straight to the big cities.

Investors, take note: like many peripheral cities, Hadera is benefitting from a gradual increase in real estate prices, as residents from the big cities are pushed out and seek more space for a lower cost elsewhere. Hadera is already a comfortable place to live – and it will only keep developing.

The property: Ein HaYam

There are over 20 properties in the complex, all built in a similar style for a uniform and attractive neighborhood. Each cottage is a full house rather than an apartment, with either three or four floors – a truly unparalleled amount of space.


What says luxury like a private pool? It’s an excellent way to maintain fitness, have fun and enjoy yourself without having to worry about the high chlorine levels or hygienic standards of public pools. Each house comes with its own pool, either in the yard or on the roof.


Whether it’s for accessibility (elderly parents or wheelchair users) or simply for the convenience, every cottage is equipped with an elevator.

Outdoor space

As though the wealth of nearby natural beauty wasn’t enough, our cottages come with spacious yards and balcony roofs – perfect for hosting friends and family on warm nights, or for letting children play in a safe environment.

Many of the cottages also accommodate an outdoor kitchen unit in the yard, for fuss-free and easy to clean barbeque nights or outdoor parties.


One of the most luxe elements of this complex is the design. Featuring clean lines, bright white exteriors, floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows, and a distinctively modern shape, these cottages have an updated and extremely timeless aesthetic.

To add something extra, our architects have added a mosaic feature to each roof. The name of the complex was inspired by this unique element.

Being new builds, and built according to the highest construction standards, our properties are stable and safe homes which will require little to no maintenance – leaving you free to enjoy your brand-new house.

Sea Views

The west side of Hadera consists mainly of low-rise houses, meaning an uninterrupted view of the sea from your bedroom window – or your rooftop pool. The architects have taken the natural beauty of the surrounding area into account in their design, maximizing every opportunity to include a sea view.


To discuss availability, pricing, and extra information, contact us – we are always happy to hear from potential buyers.

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