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Age 6+| 2-10 players | 20 minutes

Want to really fit in with all the Israelis? You’ll have to learn to play TAKI first!

4 youth playing taki outside on a deck

TAKI is one of the most popular Israeli card games, and quintessential to Israeli culture. You’ll find it being played by youngsters during school breaks, on lazy Shabbat afternoons, and even in nursing homes!

TAKI was originally created by Israeli Haim Safir in 1956, and quickly spread worldwide to become an internationally bestselling card game, with five million copies sold around the world!

The card game is a spinoff of the famous UNO card game, adding in exciting new rules and details, making TAKI just a bit more challenging and engaging with the perfect amount of adrenaline rush.

The name TAKI originates from the Japanese word for a waterfall - because a player can “pour” all of his cards into the pile from the same color at once.

Every few years since its debut, Safir has added new cards and rules to the game, enhancing TAKI’s fun factor immensely with new strategy and tact.

Want to learn how to play?

Are you a TAKI enthusiast?

Every year, Israel holds a national TAKI competition that takes place in the kid’s museum in Be’er Sheva! Think you got what it takes to compete?

Fun Fact

In 2018, for Israel’s 70th anniversary, a survey in which tens of thousands of Israelis participated, the TAKI logo was chosen as the favorite logo created in Israel over the last seven decades.

That’s a pretty remarkable legacy if you ask us!


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