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A Flat Tire

Everyone has an "only in Israel" story, here is LIsa's story:

An older model of a bright orange beetle car

After visiting a friend, I realized that my car had a flat tire. As I was beginning to figure out a plan of action, and random Israeli walking by stops to help me. He changes my tire for me!

Already I was shocked by the kindness I had received. This would never happen in the US. I would have called roadside assistance right away, because who assumes that a random person would change my tire for me? I realized that the new tire was low on air, so I made my way to the nearest gas station, unsuccessfully trying to use the gas station's compressor to add air. As I was about to give up and call a tow truck, another complete stranger comes over to show me the "trick" in filling up tires. He then proceeds to check and fill all of my tires!

I bought him some water, and we parted ways. Two kind strangers in one day!

The random acts of kindness in this country are part of the culture!

Only in Israel


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