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A Warm Winter with Shalva Tea

With winter coming and rainy season on its way, it’s important to prepare for the Israeli cold.

In Israel, while we may not get snowstorms or icy roads too often, the winters can still feel brutal! Rain becomes a recurring visitor and our boots and sweaters become our new best friends.


Step into the season prepared this year by adding Shalva Tea to your Israeli winter starter pack! There’s nothing like a hot and steaming drink on a cold and rainy day, and this is where Shalva Tea has you covered! And it’s not just their taste that makes Shalva Tea so incredible!

Shalva Teas have a wide variety of delicious, authentically Israeli, and natural herbal teas. Founded in 2014 by David Ross, a nature enthusiast and avid environmentalist, Shalva Tea embodies those very values, and looks to honor and utilize the natural wonders of the Land of Israel, while preserving its beauty. Shalva Tea uses bio-degradable and plastic-free packaging, and puts emphasis on buying locally sourced herbs from kosher Israeli farms.

The brand also partners with special needs organizations to help with product packaging and handling, and gives many the opportunity to find work and develop new skills.

For Shalva Tea, it is about creating a sustainable and open community, with delicious and healthy teas of course!



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