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About the Zion Winery

Long before modern day Israel became an independent country of its own, innovation, creativity, and culture filled the land. For thousands of years, the land has been a meeting point of peoples and cultures coming together with ideas of expansion, community, growth and, most of all, Zionism.

Zion Winery

It was a century before Israel's independence, in 1848, when the Zion Winery first came to be, as the Shor family became Israel's first pioneering winemakers. The winery began its life in the Old City of Jerusalem, in a time when Jewish life in the land was both challenging and scarce. The name "Zion" emphasized the importance of Jerusalem to both the family, and as a core value which sits at the foundation of the winery.

Since its establishment almost two centuries ago, the family has built a kingdom of wine, which today is also known as the "Kingdom of Jerusalem". Although the winery sits just outside of Jerusalem today, in Mishor Adumim, the deeply ingrained values remain the same. Zion Winery spreads a love for our city of gold, Jerusalem.

With 13 vineyards spread out across the diverse and rich terrain of Israel, Zion Winery succeeds in combining the unique tastes of the whole land in their wine, including Israel's 9 main wine regions. Zion wines include the classic Moscato, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Ros'e, and Chardonnay- to name just a few.

Today, Zion Winery stands as the 6th largest winery in all of Israel, exporting its wines all over the country, while maintaining its family name and values. Zion Winery is one of preservation and tradition, blended perfectly with the modernity of innovation and technology.

But most importantly, Zion Winery is an emblem of the Jewish people, of the Land of Israel, of Zionism.


Looking to continue your exploration of Kosher Israeli wines? Join our wine club and enjoy the many unique and diverse tastes of Israel!


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