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Agricultural Technologies in Israel

Although you couldn’t tell today, Israel's agricultural story was a long and hard journey, taking many years of struggle against difficult conditions to develop and sustain. Despite having an unfavorable climate and deserts taking up more than half of its land, Israel produces 95% of its food requirements and grows a wide variety of products, including fruits and vegetables, fish, livestock, and crops. In fact, it’s one of the leading citrus producers and exporters in the world!

Aerial view of a truck harvesting a field of grain
Harvesting grain

The secrets to Israel's amazing agricultural success lie in its technological advancements and developments of new methods and techniques. Here are a few of the new farming technologies and trends that are improving Israel's agriculture.

AgroTech - Farming Technologies

An up-and-coming agricultural startup, ATP Labs uses data analytics and artificial intelligence to collect data from farm growers around the world and generate the best advice and farming protocols. This cloud-based platform technology helps farmers increase their productivity and the quality of their produce, acting like a farmer’s social media and personal assistant all in one.

Another precision tech company is Taranis, which combines high-resolution aerial imaging with artificial intelligence to show farmers what’s happening on their plot, down to insects on leaves, and also helps with decision making.

Hinoman, which creates protein from plants, grows the mankai plant, currently the leaf richest with protein than any other in the market. Better yet, the growing process is designed to be more efficient and less wasteful, so as to minimize environmental damage. This definitely sounds like a new staple to add to your salad.

Of course, no article about Israeli agrotech would be complete without mention of new irrigation techniques. CropX, a software system for advanced irrigation, has a sensor station placed around fields according to a GPS-enabled app that transmits updates on soil conditions. The sensor can inform farmers about the amounts of water and fertilizer needed in every area, as well as control the system automatically without the farmers intervening. It's the machine that does the farming for you!

Rows of strawberry plants in a field
Strawberry fields in Israel / Yonina F

But one of the companies we're most excited about is StePac and Tadbik. The two companies joined forces to develop FreshLid, a re-sealable lidding that extends the shelf life of fruits and vegetables being imported far distances, as well as reduces the amount of plastic used up to 40%.

Impressed? Don’t miss a chance to learn more about Israel's innovative agricultural developments by visiting kibbutzim that have integrated these advanced technologies, or even better - by visiting your local grocery store and tasting for yourself!


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