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Are You Single?

Everyone has an "only in Israel" story, here is Ben's story.

Somehow, a good chunk of encounters in Israel ends with one side trying to set up the other- with a sister, a friend, a nephew, or a granddaughter!

It is the country of set-ups!

A Jewish huppah in a tent with guests sitting on chairs

When I was new to living in Israel, during my year studying in a yeshiva, I was waiting in line to get on a sherut (a shuttle) from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. There was an elderly, sweet-looking lady standing next to me in line.

Suddenly, when the sherut pulled up, things took a turn, and she aggressively elbowed me in the stomach, so that she would get on the shuttle before me, and everyone else! Israelis are so scared they will not make it on the bus if they wait patiently in line!

I ended up sitting next to her on the shuttle, and within 5 minutes, she was asking me if I wanted to date one of her granddaughters!

Israelis may have some pent-up aggression, but within a moment, we are all family again!

Nothing like Israel!


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