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Ariel Solomon - Coffee at the Caesarea Port

Sometimes, the only remedy to a bad day, or a quiet end to a long and busy week, is a steaming cup of coffee by the ocean. Listening to the crashing waves, watching the seagulls fly up above, and taking in the salty wind - it doesn’t get much better than this!

Stone wall with metal railing overlooking the sea
View of the sea

Now, in Israel, there are a number of beaches to choose from: Tel Aviv, Herzliya, Netanya, or Eilat. But the winner in our book is Caesarea, a magical place where history meets luxury!

The historical Caesarea port, with its famous ancient amphitheater, is one that most of us recognize. Built by King Herod the Great under the Roman Empire, with its long and tall columns, and strong aqueducts along the water, the ancient city was one of Israel’s most beautiful! Today, you can come to Caesarea and tour the old ruins, admire the Roman tiles and beautiful architecture, and learn about the history - and all right on the beautiful turquoise water! The ancient port includes a museum giving you the history lesson you need before you explore the ruins!

The modern city of Caesarea is built more inland, with stunning houses (Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu has a private home here!) and quaint streets. The city’s beach is lined by one of Herod’s famous aqueducts, making it an incredibly scenic view!

Walk down to Caesarea’s modern-day harbor which is interlaced with the ancient one, and grab that delicious cup of coffee, as you slow down and take in all of Israel’s beauty!

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Kayla Rosen
Kayla Rosen
Mar 24, 2021

It's so calm and relaxing there! Definitely doing this soon!

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