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Ashdod Yam Fortress

Have you heard of the Ashdod Yam Fortress?

It’s a super cool spot in the south of Ashdod!

The sun setting over the Ashdod Yam Fortress
Credit: Becca Fox

Free, ample parking and nearly empty beaches make this place so sweet to visit. In general, the beaches in Ashdod are much less crowded than Tel Aviv, but especially at Fortress Beach, it’s usually nearly empty! Be warned, there aren’t lifeguards, but it would also be an incredible surf spot.

It’s arguably one of the best spots to catch the sunset over the water, the beach has soft white sand and pristine blue water.

And for any history buffs, you can also tour the old fortress dated back to the Ancient Arab period (640-1099)!

"I love that this beach is so secluded. I am used to the Tel Aviv beaches where there is barely room to move. This gives you an opportunity to enjoy solace at the beach all by yourself! Ashdod itself has many awesome spots and is arguably underrated. I spent 10 months there so I found all the hidden gems. There are some awesome restaurants (including a great Thai place) and it’s just a 30-minute bus ride from Tel Aviv. From the central bus station in Ashdod, it’s about a 20-minute bus ride or 30-minute walk to the citadel by the beach!" (Becca Fox)

Here's a tip!

Visit at the end of summer to see beautiful flowers in bloom there! Bring some drinks, a nice picnic, and you’re set for the day!


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