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Hebrew Words You Need to Know for Back to School in Israel

The words 'Back to School' written in chalk on a small black board

01 10am break = הַפְסָקַת עֶשֶׂר

Pronounced "hafsakat eser"

Hafsakat eser is the 10 o'clock break for students. It's the chance for them to have some breakfast, and get a little chill time before getting back to studying!

02 Pencil case = קַלְמָר Pronounced "kalmar"

You need to keep all your pencils, pens, and markers safe somewhere - in your kalmar! Be sure to choose a cute one.

03 Extracurricular activity = חוּג Pronounced "hoog"

Unlike in American schools, Israelis don't really have sports teams and the like. Instead, any extracurricular is a hoog or club of sorts. Tennis, basketball, even English classes can be held after school for students to participate!

04 School uniform = תִּלְבֹּשֶׁת אֲחִידָה

Pronounced "tilboshet ahidah"

Did you know that Israelis often wear a uniform to school? At least their shirt has to be with the school logo printed on it. Important to know!

05 After the Holidays = אַחֲרֵי הַחַגִּים

Pronounced "aharei ha'haggim"

Once school starts in Israel, the holidays are already just around the corner. Often, things will be delayed until aharei ha'haggim so it's an important one.



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