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Be Open to the People Around You

Israel is filled with delicious food, beautiful nature, a plethora of history, and magical sites and spots to visit! Our list of Israeli recommendations can go on forever!

But what we rarely have a chance to recommend is the people of Israel!

A young man photographing Jewish men at the Western Wall
A young man taking photographs at the Western Wall.

Israel is one of the most diverse countries in the world, with people walking the streets from all over, who have chosen to make Israel their home.

Whether it is someone who chose to come from North America or England, or decided to immigrate from Russia or the Philippines, or maybe someone whose family has been here for generations, the people of this country are some of the most fascinating and lovely people.

And so, let's take a moment to recommend the people of Israel!

Take the time to take in the people around you in your environment. What are they like? What culture do they come from? What values do they have?

Talk to the people around you! Maybe it will be your cab driver, the cashier at the supermarket, or a family you met at the park!

If we allow ourselves to really interact and listen to the people around us, we will notice how kind, interesting, cultured, and beautiful the people of our country are! We will not only expand our own understandings but share a meaningful encounter with a stranger right next to us.

This will get you some good "Only in Israel" stories too! Just be open to the experience, and say hello! Trust us, it will put a smile on everyone's face!

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Kayla Rosen
Kayla Rosen
Mar 24, 2021

The people here are what make Israel such an amazing place!

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