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#Pakal_Kafe: Ein Nun

Here's an interesting fact about Israelis - They like to take a pakal kafe with them on hikes in nature, or when they visit their nearby ma'ayan (spring). (or sometimes use them at home!)

Why? Do you ask? Well, simply because there is nothing more Israeli than enjoying the outdoors with a nice steaming glass of fresh coffee (*Don't worry, there is always emergency tea for the non-coffee drinkers).

Open metal gates leading into the park to the Ein Nun Maayan
Entrance to the Ein Nun Maayan / Shifra Gottlieb

The story

Ein Nun is a beautiful natural pond, located right near the town Migdal, close to the Kinneret. Just in case you were wondering what the name means, Nun is the Aramaic word for fish. In 2011 the spot was cleaned up and refurbished and turned into a nice little getaway.

In 2017, the pond was nearly completely dried out, and the wildlife suffered a lot of damage. A year later, in 2018, a 3 million shekel plan to fix up the place was announced.

The pool at Ein Nun surrounded by bushes, trees, and a path runs along the bank to the left
The pool at Ein Nun is perfect for a family gathering! / Shifra Gottlieb

What to expect?

Ein Nun consists of two ponds, one is a natural spring and the other was artificially built. At the spot, you will find plenty of areas to sit in the shade, enjoy a picnic, light a mangal (BBQ), or open up your pakal kafe.

A pakal kafe kit set up on the bank of the Ein Nun Maayan
A great spot for cup of coffee! / Shifra Gottlieb

What you need to know!

  • The place recently underwent an expensive cleanup and rebuild - please keep it that way.

  • There is a sign that says "No Swimming" - FYI!

  • Payment & hours: Free and unlimited hours

  • Distance from the parking lot: Right nearby

  • Best season to visit: All year long

  • Family-friendly? Yes

Area of grass between trees with sun shades in the middle near the Ein Nun Maayan
If you're looking for a great place for a BBQ, this is it! / Shifra Gottlieb


🚗 By car When you turn off Highway 90 to Migdal you will make a hard right onto a dirt road that will lead you all the way to this beautiful spot. *If you put into Waze עין נון it will take you straight to the spot. 🚌 By public transportation Take any bus the drops off at this stop>> Migdal North Junction. After you get off, you will head into Migdal and turn right onto the dirt road. There you will proceed by foot for about 8 minutes (600 meters) till you will see the spot on your right.


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