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Covid-19 has changed the way the world functions.

We now socialize mostly online, we wear masks when walking to pick up eggs, and many of us are living daily life from the couches in our own living rooms.

A ad for Beezee

One of the biggest impacts the pandemic has had on society is the economical challenge it has created for so many, especially small businesses that used to rely on in-person sales. Gone are the days when we could walk down the road to the local flower shop or bookstore, and browse leisurely.

In comes Beezee, an app developed by Georgina Green, to offer a solution for many of these businesses, instilling hope and spreading love in a time of such uncertainty. Beezee allows small businesses to immediately benefit from an ‘online storefront’ and delivery service. The app allows for stores without previous online sales or shipping options to sell their products locally throughout Israel!

Unfortunately, many local businesses don’t have the resources or technological knowledge to offer online shopping and delivery which has really hurt them and their sales during the Pandemic. Beezee was created to help them through this, as a community.

How it all began

Georgina Green is a British-born olah and the founder of GMT (an international app marketing company), who realized her business expertise could be used to help so many during the pandemic.

“Now more than ever corporations have the social responsibility to help. Not just to help themselves and their employees, but to help their communities and those who are struggling.”

The concept came as Green saw so many amazing, unique, and beloved local shops struggle and empty out, with no real way to survive the new economic struggles the pandemic has created. Beezee has created an amazing opportunity and technological solution for small businesses in this new world!

Even from afar we can create a global community and support each other!

The Beezee app shown on a cellphone

How the app works

Local businesses are able to create a platform on the app completely free of charge, and offer their products throughout Israel! Customers pay only a small delivery charge for the product, knowing that they are supporting the business directly.

Even better, Beezee has also made it an option for users outside of Israel to use this platform, and support these local businesses from afar, while sending gifts to friends and family currently living in Israel who they are unable to see in person.

It’s a win-win!

Watch Beezee make the headlines!

Fun fact about Beezee

The majority of employees at Beezee are women, who are filled with joy each and every day in knowing that they are doing good for people, and not just thinking about their own pockets.

As Green perfectly states,

“Now is the time to help our country, we are not helpless! By supporting local businesses and buying from Israel, we are actively helping the economy. We are the Start-Up Nation of the world, and now is the time to live up to that name and thrive through creativity and innovation!"

Let’s support our blue and white businesses!


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