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Coronavirus in Israel - Acts of Kindness

In times of difficulty, it is amazing to see how humanity steps up to help each other. Israel has laid down a number of restrictions to slow the spread of the Coronavirus, leaving many people stuck at home on unpaid leave or worse, jobless.

A young person holding the hands of an older woman

The hardship of making ends meet for many stuck at home is real. Parents have their kids at home all day while they need to work from home, the elderly cannot leave their homes as they are at a higher risk, and no one can be with more than 10 people at a time; making trips to the grocery store or the pharmacy difficult.

In response, many Israelis are stepping up to help those around them in these trying times.

In order to spread kindness, we gathered some of the amazing things people are doing in Israel to help their brothers and sisters around them!

The Israeli Volunteer Council

The Israeli Volunteer Council may have postponed their event for Good Deeds Day, but that doesn't mean good deeds need to be put on hold! To help those staying home the Israeli Volunteer Council has put together on their website (in Hebrew) different ways of how you can get involved to help those in isolation in Israel.

Israeli Solidarity Movement

Another great example is the Israeli Solidarity Movement. They are a team of men and women who have come together to create a network of support and mutual assistance - to make sure no one has to be alone. Do you need a babysitter? How about an elderly or disabled person who needs medical treatment?

You can sign up to help here and someone will contact you and connect you to where you can be of service. (*Please note the form is in Hebrew)

Besides the official groups, there are many Israelis offering all kinds of services for free to help those who can't leave their homes. Some offers include ♦ Fitness classes for kids ♦ Free webinars ♦ Meditation courses to help with stress ♦ Material to teach children English ♦ Business strategy consultations for small businesses ♦ Babysitting services ♦ Dog walking and so much more!

It's so heartwarming to see how Israelis are rising to the occasion to help those in need.

Do you know of a service or story about helping others in this trying time? TELL US and we will help spread the word!


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