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Credit Scores in Israel

Guest Blog by Shai Spetgang

As native English-speaking Olim, we are familiar with a credit rating system from where we moved from; the US, Canada, England, and other countries. Did you know that in April 2019, Israel adopted a credit rating system? The implication is that our credit score determines everything related to receiving credit, including credit cards, bank loans, and mortgages.

Shai Spetgang accredited credit consultant

The credit rating system scale is 0-1000 with red, orange, yellow, and green zones. Under 320, is the red zone where it is highly unlikely that we will be approved for any sort of credit. Between 321-560 is the orange zone where it is questionable if we will be approved. Between 561-730 is in the yellow zone where we will probably receive credit and above 730 is the green zone where we will most likely be granted credit.

But in all cases, the rating system also determines the interest rate. The lower the score the higher the interest rate.

So, what determines your credit score, and how do you maintain a good credit score?

A credit score is a calculation made at the time of the query and it is influenced by your financial management from the past three years. If you have had cheques or hora’at kevas (automatic deductions from your bank account/credit card) which have bounced then that reduces your credit rating. Continuous utilization of overdraft also affects your credit rating. There are a number of other factors as well.

Do you know your credit score? If not, I can help you with that as it is not something that is free from the Bank of Israel.

Have you been refused a credit card or loan? If so, I can help you improve your credit score so that it won't happen again.

My clients feel that they are in control of their credit management.


You can contact Shai Spetgang on the phone at 052-507-3420 or send him an email at

Shai Spetgang (MBA) is a Bank of Israel accredited credit consultant who assists his clients with improving their credit score. Shai received his MBA from Ariel University and looks forward to helping you improve your credit rating.


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