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Danny Roup

Danny Roup was born and raised in Jerusalem to a geologist father, making weather and meteorology a natural passion of his to jumpstart his career. He went on to serve in the IDF Air Force Meteorology Center, where his illustrious career as a weatherman began. In 1989 he became Israel’s first weatherman, and hosted the country’s first aired weather forecast!

Watch one of Israel's first weather forecasts with Danny.

Over the years, Roup has gained the public’s love not only as a weatherman, but as a celebrity as well, and has hosted several TV shows, such as the daily morning show and several game shows. He even hosted the Eurovision Preliminaries in 1991!

Fun Fact about Roup

He is an avid tennis lover, and serves also as a tennis broadcaster on TV! That is quite a range of expertise!

This past summer, Roup sadly ended his 31-year career as Israel’s favorite weatherman, but will always be the voice in which we hear that 'the sun is shining today'.


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