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Do You Want Some Gum?

This time it's a double story from two women with two separate journeys that lead to one beautiful friendship.

"I had just made Aliyah and was living in Jerusalem for a few weeks, before moving to Tel Aviv. I was riding a Jerusalem bus, sitting across from these two girls, who looked really sweet. One of them had a really unique necklace with a nickel pendant, which I loved.

She offered me gum when she saw me looking, and we ended up talking. I somehow added her friend on Facebook and forgot to add them both!

About 6 months later, I was at an event by Chabad on the Coast, when I was already living in Tel Aviv, and there she was- the girl with the nickel necklace! That's when Mushky and I became fast friends! 6 months after that, she actually moved into my old bedroom! I felt like this is an 'Only in Israel' story!"

Two women sitting on swings talking to each other

Now let's hear Mushky's side...

"I was on a bus in Jerusalem, about to leave Israel after being here for two years. I was sitting across from a girl who was wearing such a cute sunhat, who was clearly not Israeli.

I wanted to talk to her, so I offered her some gum to get the conversation going. We ended up having a really nice talk.

Then 6 months later, I ended back in Israel, living in Tel Aviv. One Shabbat morning I was coming into Chabad, and I recognized her as the girl from the bus! I went over to her and said hi, and she remembered me!

Since then, Becca and I have been friends, and see each other around at events in the community. I even moved into her old bedroom. Some things are meant to be!"


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