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Hatch Brewery

As you walk through the winding alleys of Shuk Mahane Yehuda in Jerusalem, be sure to stop by Hatch, a boutique eatery known for bringing its truly authentic American cuisine to Israel.

Picture your classic wings joint, your local diner, and summer county fair food all in one place (and it’s kosher)! Experience the welcoming and hospitable environment always buzzing with customers and enjoy some delicious food while you’re at it.

How it all began... Hatch began as a backyard business in Ramat Eshkol, by the owner and founder Efraim Greenblatt, who brewed his own beer and made his own sausages for hungry Yeshiva students studying in Israel for the year. It gave them a chance to relax, hang out, and create a real community in a comfortable environment. Eventually, “Hatch” opened up shop at 26 Ha’agoz Street in the Jerusalem Shuk three years ago and has been expanding ever since. Just as the name suggests, Efraim and his employees are “hatching” new ideas every week, always working towards the best possible service, food, and atmosphere.

What once started out as a simple beer and sausage shop has now evolved into a sit-down, bar-style eatery, with a growing menu of meats and sandwiches and many types of unique alcoholic drinks in addition to beer (I highly recommend the “frozé” - a fun iced version of rosé wine!)

For Efraim and the Hatch team, food is love. It not only tastes good but brings people together to create community. Hatch values an environment of openness and respect for all customers, regardless of their religious beliefs, political values, or nationality. Stop by Hatch and find anyone and everyone eating there. At Hatch, everyone is family. This inspires them day in and day out to create an oasis of laughter, community, hospitality, and most importantly, meat!

Hatch employees are mainly olim hadashim straight off the plane or after their army service, who have successfully created a community through Hatch. One employee even met his wife working there! Others have found future roommates while spending time there.

While their food is some of the best, nostalgic, fried, and delicious comfort food out there, it’s about more than just the food for Hatch. It is about the experience. And trust me, an experience at Hatch is one for the books.

P.S: Bring a few friends and try out their buffalo wings, with a bucket of 90 pieces (!!), and experience a true party- for your social life and for your taste buds!


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