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Have Delicious Leftovers from Purim?

Purim may be a memory of the past, but if you're like many of us, you probably have lots of snacks, candy, and delicious hamantaschen leftovers from all of the celebrations and food packages you received!

One of the best things to do with all of the candy and snack overflow is to give it to others!

As a former lone soldier myself, I have been on the receiving end of little treats sent to me by Israel's amazing citizens! We may have days where we are standing guard all day, in the rain or shine, and having people come over with snacks or even just a smile really makes our day!

So gather up all of your #hamantaschen, #Bamba, #Bissli, and #candy - head on over to some soldiers who are keeping us safe day in and day out, and put a smile on their faces! Trust me, they need the extra boost of love!


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