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Have You Heard of Matkot?

If you have spent any time on an Israeli beach, you know matkot from the sound "tak tak tak tak" back and forth - it's mesmerizing to watch!

Matkot is the national beach sport of Israel. It's a paddle game, usually between two players. The game really is unique - there isn't a winner, and it can go on endlessly. There are no boundaries for the "court" either. The goal is to hit the ball back and forth as many times as possible - it's all about cooperation!

Matkot paddles stuck in the sand at the beach with a red ball in between the paddles
Matkot on the beach.

This sport is the thing to do if you like being on the beach but don't feel like sitting around tanning or reading. Though it can be a really competitive sport, you can buy a cheap matkot set from the corner store, and get started!


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