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Hiking in Israel

Type "Hikes in Israel" into Google, and you'll get thousands of hits! Water hikes, desert hikes, hikes through forests. It seems that there are limitless hikes in Israel. Why is this such a deeply rooted part of Israeli culture?

Any organized trip to Israel involves a hike of some sort. Perhaps that's because the land itself is such a vital part of the country. After all, we call it "Eretz Yisrael" - the Land of Israel. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs even goes as far as calling Israel "a trekkers paradise." With more than 6000 miles of trails, the name is fitting.

There are a few major hikes in Israel -- the "Yam le'Yam" or Sea to Sea hike, which goes from the Mediterranean to the Sea of Galilee. There's the "Israel National Trail" which runs the length of the country, from North to South, and can take 60 days to complete! There's the Jesus Trail, which follows the life of Jesus. Shorter hikes include hikes through Ein Gedi and a trail up Masada. Really, there's a hike for everyone.

Becca Fox wearing a hat and backpack standing on top of a mountain in Eilat overlooking the sea
View from the mountains in Eilat / Becca F

The weather is nice in Israel most of the year, and there is rarely snow, though it can get very hot. The conditions make it great for hikes. The other fact is, there's a little bit of everything in Israel! Waterfalls? Check. Desert? Check. Springs and natural pools? Check. Whatever you're looking for, you can find a hike that will lead you there!

Israelis enjoy exercise and the outdoors in general, and a hike is a perfect way to combine these interests while enjoying the beauty that is the land of Israel.

What's your favorite hike in Israel? Comment below!


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