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iKonnect's Top 5 Israeli Comedians

Israeli TV can be difficult to follow if you don't speak Hebrew, but it is actually a great way to practice the language! Here are our Top 5 Israeli comedians to check out -- you are sure to laugh a lot, and practice your Hebrew along the way!

01 Shahar Hason

Another hilarious Israeli comedian who has performed in loads of sketches and stand-up nights. Really your classic Israeli sense of humor -- if you can manage the Hebrew, check out his Facebook Page for awesome clips! This is a great way to practice your Hebrew while laughing the whole time -- learning through humor!

02 Assi Cohen

Assi is a very popular Israeli comedian and actor. He has starred in the TV show "Eretz Nehederet" which is like the Israeli version of Saturday Night Live! In the past, he has been voted "funniest Israeli of the year" multiple times!

03 Keren Mor

Keren Mor is a fabulous comedian and star -- well known on the TV show "Kuparashit" -- Keren is able to hilariously embody stereotypical Israeli characters with ease. If you haven't watched her in this TV show yet, you must -- it's on KAN 11 on Israeli TV!

04 Shlomo "BabyBaby" Shmuel

Shlomo Shmuel is paving the way for Ethiopian comedians -- he is touching on issues that he wants to raise awareness about through comedy! He touches on subjects like racism and what it's like to be a first-generation Israeli with his background. But he has been very successful thus far -- and he is very funny! It's also a good way for Ethiopian Israelis to see themselves represented in the media and on TV -- this is definitely something that Israel can work on, so it's great that he is changing the status quo!

05 Eli Finish

Eli Finish is another star on "Eretz Nehederet" -- the Israeli version of Saturday Night Live and has done impersonations of various Israeli politicians and stars, including Shimon Peres. His stand-up act is popular too! Most recently, he parodied Ofek Hayoun's character Marco from "Valley of Tears" (a must-watch if you have not already seen, about the Yom Kippur War) -- and he was incredible!


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