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Israel's Fruits

Nature’s sweetest dessert is a fruit, and Israel has definitely gotten on board!

Stacks of fruit in Jerusalem's Shuk

"There's an emphasis on fruits and on natural foods in this country that I really appreciate. I would never be able to find products so unique, delicious, and natural (and kosher!) in other countries."

Tip for Our Users

Don't be afraid to try new fruits and flavors that you haven't seen before! Whether it's mango, pineapple juice, or passion fruit ice cream, I've found that my curiosity is always rewarded!

Israel has some amazing fruit products! I'm partial to limonana, mint lemonade, pomelit, a cross between a grapefruit and a pomelo (think sweeter and pinker), and silan, which is date syrup- great on yogurt, in baking, and as a general substitute for honey.

Israel has really opened my eyes to some amazing new and healthy food!


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