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Israel's Greatest Invention

As winter settles in, and hot, delicious soup has become the best thing that has happened to weeknight dinners, we can’t forget to put the spotlight on the true star of soup nights:

Soup Nuts | שְׁקֵדֵי מָרָק

A bag of Osem soup nuts on a kitchen counter
Credit: Yonina F

You heard us. Those tiny, yellow, crunchy squares of heaven are actually an Israeli invention! Israeli soup nuts, or translated into soup almonds, were branded by the Israeli company Osem all the way back in 1952 to fill all of Israel’s soup needs.

Soup nuts can be found in about every supermarket or makolet (convenience store) throughout Israel, and are a staple in each and every home. A Shabbat dinner wouldn’t be complete without these delicious yellow squares floating in your chicken soup!

While these may have been created as an addition to soups and even salads, they happen to be a great snack on their own.

Bring in the cold and rainy nights this season with Israel's one of many favorite soups to accompany your soup nuts: orange soup!

Israelis must have a thing for colored foods because the orange soup has been all the rage here for years. Essentially, take all vegetables of the color orange, cook them, season them, and blend them together to make this smooth and velvety soup that satisfies any hungry stomach.

Find out how to make orange soup below!

Stay Warm!



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