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Israeli Author, Gili Meshulam

Meet Gili Meshulam, a young and bright Israeli author who’s ready to show the world just how beautiful our home Israel truly is.

Israeli author, Gili Meshulam with an Israeli flag painted on her face
Gili Meshulam

Often, we may find that advocating for Israel can be a bit daunting, as unfortunately, there are many misinformed people spreading around false information about our wonderful country.

With Gili's help and practical tools for advocacy, we can learn how to feel confident and prepared in sharing the truth about Israel with the world, even in the face of adversity!

With her most recent book, Advocating Israel 101, Gili teaches the ABCs in spreading the truths about Israel, which are too often overlooked, or twisted in ways that prevent Israel from really shining!

For Gili, her mission has always been advocating Israel’s image, and is now using her fiery passion to teach others to do so as well!

I have always been interested in advocating for Israel. But four years ago on a trip to the US, I had the chance to visit a friend on a college campus during apartheid week. I was shocked to hear and see the things I did. I knew immediately that I had to share my side of the story, as an Israeli Jew, living and breathing Israel. I served in the army, and live the narrative that many choose to preach against, but have never experienced for themselves.
I started ‘My Israeli Story’, a blog where I am able to share my life as an authentic Israeli Jew with the world, and help teach Israel supporters how to bring Israel’s magic to the world too!
A sign that reads 'Advocating Israel 101' with a Jewish star below and Israeli author Gili Meshulam

Gili is a native Israeli, whose family comes from Iraq and Turkey. Today, she is a master’s student studying political science at Tel Aviv University, with a specialty in political communications.

Advocacy, or hasbara in Hebrew, is her passion. Gili practices public diplomacy on a daily basis as a fellow with Stand With Us, a leading, pro-Israel advocacy organization.

She is a woman with a dream, and the ambition to take that dream and make it a reality. With her newest book, she hopes to teach readers of Israel’s importance as the home of the Jewish nation.

If we do not protect Israel and her name from the world around us, we may not have Israel in the future! It is an incredible country, and the world should see how special Israel truly is!

What is Gili’s favorite thing about Israel?

Definitely the people. Israelis are a unique people! What truly stands out is how kind and caring they are. There is a warmth that you can find only in israel!

The book 'Israel's Story' by Israeli author, Gili Meshulam,


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