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Israeli Necklaces You Will Only See in Israel

Every country has its own culture and vibe, and fashion is a huge part of that! The style of a country's people helps to create the magic of a place.

And in Israel, that magic is very real.

Because Israel is made up of so many different cultures, traditions and ethnicities, the country's style is diverse and eclectic- making fashion in Israel a real treat!

One of Israeli's favorite ways to express their unique fashion sense is through jewelry, which has become a huge industry in the country. Not only does Israel claim its fame with some of the best jewelry designers, but Israeli jewelry is unique in that most of it beautifully expresses our nation's symbols- from ancient tradition to modern culture.

Read more about Israel's most popular symbols here!

But some of Israel's most unique jewelry is found especially in our necklaces, many of them with designs you would only ever find in Israel!

  • Dog tag necklaces- דיסקית: We all know Israel is a country of pride and nationalism, and our army, the IDF, is a big part of that pride. That's exactly why many soldiers, while in the army, and post-army, have taken to turning their dog tag necklaces into a real fashion statement! And when you can't get your hands on a real one, many brands sell necklaces in the same style, recreating the look! Serving the army in Israel is a real achievement, and so wearing your "army identity" around your neck is a nice reminder of that!

  • Name necklaces: We may see name necklaces around the world, but in Israel they are pretty common! Most jewelry shops sell personalized Hebrew name necklaces, and they are the perfect gift, especially for Bat Mitzvah girls. In Jewish mystical tradition, names have a huge importance, and truly represent a person- and what better way to show who you are than wear your name proudly around your neck!

Check out some of the most popular Israeli names here!

  • Verse necklaces: Because religious tradition is a large part of Israeli culture, the verses of ancient Jewish text, the Torah, along with Hebrew liturgy are common all throughout Israel. Hebrew verses can be found in Israeli artwork, home decorations, and jewelry. Many places sell necklaces with the most popular and meaningful Hebrew phrases, like the "Shema". But there are also places in Israel which will engrave your choice of Hebrew verse on a necklace! Many people choose verses from our daily prayers, and keeping them around your neck is a way to always keep your prayers with you.

The popular "Shema" necklace

  • Chai necklaces: You'll see this one all across Israel, on both men and women alike, as well as children and adults. It is the symbol of life in Israel, and the word חי literally means "life, alive or living". The chai necklace has definitely become a staple in Israeli culture, and is often found most popular among the "arse" communities, the "gangsters" of Israel. The chai symbol stands for the number 18 in Hebrew, and so it has become a bit of a lucky number here in Israel, and wearing it on a necklace serves as a lucky charm. Chai represents Judaism’s emphasis on life and the importance of living a full and moral life, and Israelis use it a lot, like when we say “L’chaim!” when celebrating a wedding, Bar Mitzvah, or birth of a new baby. It is even part of our favorite motto “Am Yisrael Chai!”- The people of Israel live!

  • Map of Israel necklaces: For Jews around the world, Israel has been spoken of and taught about from a young age. It is the land of their forefathers, a country that ensures their safety, and one of so much pride- especially because it is so small (it is the size of New Jersey). For such a tiny place, Israel has accomplished a lot, and that is why so many Israelis, especially new olim, love to wear the State of Israel around their necks! You will often see necklaces in the shape of the country out and about- it's a pretty shape too!

  • Magen David necklaces: The star of David is probably the biggest symbol of being Jewish. And what was once used against us and persecute us has become out biggest ally. Today, the Magen David sits proudly on the Israeli flag, and also around the necks of hundreds of thousands of Israelis. It is not only a symbol of the Jew, but has become a symbol of Israel as well, a country dedicated to protecting the Jewish nation. Star of David necklaces can be found in almost any and every jewelry store in Israel, and around the necks of many proud Israelis. Because it is so popular, there are countless different styles and designs that you can find- so finding the perfect Magen David necklace for yourself will be easy!




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