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It's Time For Something a Little Different

The best and most delicious way to cool down in the Israeli heat is with ice cream. What if we told you that you can have some rich and sweet ice cream that will cool you off but that ice cream is also a vehicle to promote diversity and tolerance?

Let us introduce you to Adam Ziv of Kibbutz Sasa and Alaa Sweitat of Tarshiha in Western Galilee. These two men have joined forces to create some of the most delicious and unique ice creams in Israel.

Adam Ziv and Alaa Sweitat standing in Buza holding ice cream cones
Adam Ziv (left) and Alaa Sweitat (right). Courtesy: Buza

Back to the beginning

Ice cream has been the dessert of choice for Adam since he tried it for the very first time as a child. When he grew up and set out to explore the world, he traveled to the Canary Islands where he learned the art of creating ice cream. During his short stint there, Adam befriended British author, Anthony Smith, who was fulfilling his lifelong dream of building a raft to sail across the Atlantic Ocean, at the age of 84! This inspiring example triggered Adam's own desire to build, not a raft, but his own ice cream parlor in Israel. It would not be just any ice cream parlor, it was to be a joint business venture with an Arab business partner to bridge the gap between Israelis and Arabs.

Enter Alaa Swaitat, the owner of one of the most popular and successful restaurants in Tarshiha, a city that came about through a municipal merger of the Arab town of Tarshiha and the Jewish town of Ma'alot. Alaa was recruited by Adam for his expertise and knowledge of the food business.


On a hot summer's day in 2012 the ice cream parlor, Buza, would wow the entire Western Galilee was established. This quaint ice cream parlor is named quite fittingly, Buza, which means ice cream in Arabic. The shop is located in Tarshiha right in the middle of the bustling village surrounded by bars, cafes, and a colorful souk (market).

Adam Ziv and Alaa Sweitat holding out ice cream cones from Buza
Adam and Alaa showing off their delicious ice cream! Courtesy: Buza

Cooperation, Success, and Diversity

Since Alaa and Adam opened up Buza, a new reality has come to Tarshiha. Buza is a tolerant and accepting establishment with Muslim, Jewish, and Christian employees working side by side serving customers with all different religious backgrounds.

Three different ice cream sundaes from Buza
Courtesy: Buza

Fresh is always better

The ice cream that you will try in the Tarshiha shop or in their other locations in Tel Aviv, Tzomet Gumma, and Rishon LeZion, all receive liquid ice cream from the Buza factory on Kibbutz Sasa.

In the factory, only the freshest ingredients are used, and if it's local produce, even better. Once the recipe is completed in the factory the liquid ice cream is packaged and sent to the various parlor locations. Now pay attention, this is important. In each of the ice cream parlor branches, the liquid ice cream is poured into a machine to mix and produce delicious and fresh ice cream. It's literally made on the spot! Now that is super fresh, even the cones and waffles are homemade in each shop.


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