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Keeping Jerusalem's History Alive

One of my favorite places in Israel is the First Station in Jerusalem, or in Hebrew, התחנה הראשונה!

The First Station in Jerusalem
The First Station in Jerusalem / Shifra Gottleib

The First Station is actually Jerusalem’s first railroad station dating back to the late 1800s, during Israel’s time under The Ottoman Empire! The first train from Jaffa reached Jerusalem in the year 1892, an initiative started by many, but only succeeded by Yosef Navon, a wealthy French businessman who was able to convince the Ottoman rule that a railway station was necessary. The station is one of the only public places actually built in Jerusalem during this time period.

Today, the station has turned into a true treat for Israelis and tourists alike, alive with the energy of Israel, buzzing with excitement, and especially now, the holiday spirit!

(The First Station is all outdoors, making it a perfect and safe outing during these crazy times!)

It has something for everyone! There are restaurants, cafes, bars, and ice cream shops! There is a great puzzle store with so many games to challenge the mind (and you can play them in the store!). For nature lovers, there is a beautiful plant nursery and a trampoline park for those who want some jumping action!

The station has weekly live music and so many events, and is filled with festival vibes, even equipped with its own mini amusement park- bumper cars!

As you walk through the First Station under the twinkling lights, you are not only a part of Israel’s present but are also walking through Israel’s history, connecting the past and present.

It is so special to be a part of that!


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