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Kibbutz culture is a big one in Israel. Since the creation of the country, the idea of communal living, a social vision of equality, and working the land together have been foundational values of Israeli culture.

And while the lifestyle of kibbutzim has shifted and developed over the years, and has become a bit more privatized, the basic beliefs still exist. Children of different families grow up as siblings, many of the jobs revolve around the kibbutz upkeep, and families eat together in a communal cafeteria.

But what is living on a kibbutz really like?

What is it like sharing so much of your life with others? Is it easy to be an individual in a place that puts so much emphasis on the collective? Do these values truly raise the next idealistic generation of Israel?

These are all the questions that Israeli show, Kibbutznikim, explores in the ongoing drama series released in 2020.

This drama-comedy follows an old group of friends who grew up together on the Ma'ayan Haim Kibbutz up in Northern Israel. Each left the kibbutz to live their own independent life. But once they hear that the kibbutz is about to fall apart, they decide to come back together and return to the memories of their childhoods together. The nostalgia brings up past hurt, love, friendship, and drama!

It is definitely not a show to be missed!

Check out the trailer here:

Step into a new understanding of what real kibbutz life is like in Israel with Kibbutznikim!


Pop some popcorn, get comfortable, and get ready for a wild ride! Enjoy!


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