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Laugh a Little Today!

Who doesn't love a good, deep belly laugh to lift your spirits and remind you of the great joys in life?

Well, today is the perfect day to get your giggles going, on World Laughter Day, celebrated all around the world since 1998!

In honor of this wonderful day, iKonnect would love to share with you some of our favorite Israeli stand-up comedians! What a perfect opportunity to get to know some of Israel's funniest people and learn Israeli culture!

Shahar Hasson

Shahar Hasson is one of Israel's favorite stand-up comedians, and his sold-out shows over the past few years are a testament to his talent! If you are looking for some hilarious, and maybe sometimes a bit juvenile humor, he's your guy!

Udi Kagan

Kagan is an absolutely hysterical Israeli comedian and writer! He has a national stand-up tour in Israel and is the creator and lead actor in the hilarious show Mashiah. Here is his bit on the Hebrew language, so you can practice your Hebrew while making fun of it too- because we can't always take ourselves too seriously!


Eli Yatzpan

Yatzpan is one of the first names that pop to mind when you mention the word comedy in Israel. He has been making Israelis laugh for over 20 years, and has appeared on many TV shows, ceremonies, and events! Check him out here!

On this wonderful day, we invite you to let go of this week's stresses and release some of those endorphin-causing giggles!


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