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Meatless Monday

Do you know the Hebrew word for a vegan? טִבְעוֹנִי!

Tel Aviv, Israel has the highest number of vegans per capita in the world, so iKonnect's Israeli Tip of the Week is: try "Meatless Monday" -- cut meat out of your diet one day a week! It can have an awesome global impact!

A row of green vegetables cut in half

We love meat as much as the next person, but we also want to be conscientious of our impact on the planet! So, making a point to consume less meat and more fresh fruits and veggies is important. And also, pretty easy, it turns out. In Israel, fruits and vegetables are plentiful through ALL seasons, and they remain reasonably priced if locally sourced.

Vegan and vegetarian restaurants are EVERYWHERE in Tel Aviv, and all over Israel, so you can try delicious food and know that you are helping keep the planet healthy. Our tip is to cut meat out of your diet even once a week, and it can drastically help the planet. Plus, we promise it will still be delicious.


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