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#Meet_The_Oleh Chaya Ticker

Immigrated from: Brooklyn, NY

Aliyah date: August 2011

Currently living in Jerusalem

Works at Naale as a Program Coordinator

There are many programs that help people connect and experience Israel. Chaya participated in a special one where she came to live in Israel for three years of high school before making Aliyah. Check out her story!

Oleh Chaya Ticker arriving at Ben Gurion airport as a highschool student

Chaya Ticker, born in Brooklyn, NY, fell in love with Israel at 12 years old. She grew up in a Zionist household and came to Israel for the first time that year. Chaya says, “I fell in love with the culture, the mentality, the straightforwardness. I felt people were less petty here. I went back to the states, and I said, ‘I’m going to high school in Israel.’"

But at the time, Chaya didn’t know of any programs. There were some, but none that were well-known. That summer, Chaya went to a camp where a girl told her about a program where you have the opportunity to go to high school in Israel for free.

The next year, at 13 years old, Chaya was reading an article in Emuna magazine. Coincidentally, it was an article about going to high school in Israel through the program Naale! Long story short, she told her parents, applied for it, and was accepted! She even dragged her best friend along with her for the adventure.

After three incredible years studying in Israel, Chaya’s mind was more than made up. She went back to America for a few months, and then made Aliyah. Chaya did Sherut Leumi, and after that, she was floating around Jerusalem, in her first year of college. She stumbled upon a post about Naale, and clicked it to get in contact with the team there. She reached out to see if there was anything she could do to help. They gave her a job, and that was seven years ago! “It just goes to show, you should never be afraid to reach out in this country!” Chaya says.

It all came full circle. Chaya now works the program that brought her here in the first place!

Oleh Chaya Ticker

Chaya’s advice for those who make Aliyah? Don’t be afraid of the challenges. Understand that it will be hard, but use that to your advantage.


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